Promotional Products Are the Best Form of Advertising

Promotional products are generally used to elevate a service or company through advertising specialties, and imprinting. Companies promote their brand through advertisement, awards, prizes, business gifts, but the most common is the promotional products, in which the companies invest a little money to gain customers and popularity. Promotional products can either be given away individually, or they are blended with other marketing strategies; there are unlimited ways to put them to use. Popular marketing programs reminisced by consultants are orientation programs and business gifts.

Promotional products are effective in company stores, generation of new accounts and customers, fund raising and for brand awareness and other incentives. There are uncountable different types of promotional-products available in the market and you rarely see an item which does not have a company’s brand name advertised on it. You can even obtain custom items even if not enlisted in the catalog. According to surveys conducted by Georgia University, customers who receive promotional-products have a more positive opinion of a business. They have a better image and a better perspective of the business and are also more likely to go on recommending the business to others.

From a recent study of the business passengers at an airport, it was discovered that seventy one percent of the passengers had received a promotional product in the last twelve months and twenty percent could even recall the brand name being promoted through their items. Not only that, fifty two percent of the same group did business with the brand after receiving the item while forty eight percent confessed having a better impression of the brand on their mind after that.

Promotional-products are ideally used in creating awareness. When the research was conducted by another university, they discovered that promotional product advertising overruled the newspaper advertising and generally gathered more attention compared to the newspaper itself. People are more grateful to receive promotional-products than other advertising materials so the products help a lot as compared to normal advertisement. These products also heighten the response rates to more than forty five percent. Customers respond more to promotional items as compared to coupons. According to another study, users who received promotional-products were eighteen percent quicker to make an order than those who received coupons or no promotion at all.

The promotional products market is ever growing in size. Researches are showing about 19.6 billions being invested in this source of product marketing and the market is set to increase over the next coming decades.

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